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How do you keep your concentration during a meeting?

The monotonous tone of the presenter, a PowerPoint presentation that drags on and on, too much information to assimilate...

Keep its meeting concentration is a difficult exercise, especially in a stressful situation or when you have to respond to a dozen urgent emails. According to a recent survey, executives remain concentrated on average 52 minutes and one in three manages to fall asleep. How can we do better?

These ten tips will help you stay awake and focused at your next meetings.


  1. Choose your place well

Don't imitate bad students who rush to the back of the classroom and sit by the window or against the radiator. Stand in front of the facilitatoraway from exits and places of passage.


  1. Be observant

Not being distracted does not mean remaining indifferent. Observe the facilitator and other participants the expression on their faces, study their gestures and pay attention to them when they speak.


  1. Feel free to participate

Concentration in meetings is primarily a matter of attitude. Be activeplease do not hesitate to ask questions and to share your ideas when the organizer invites you to do so.


  1. Forget your smartphone

For many professionals, the smartphone is an indispensable accessory, but it has no place in a meeting room. If you can't stay in place for more than an hour without checking your mobile phone when you're not expecting an urgent call, don't settle for Meeting mode and turn it off.


  1. Control your breathing

The breathing is very important to stay focused. Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply ten times in a row, several times during the meeting. This exercise will help you to channel your emotions and to keep your focus.


  1. Focus your attention

Disregard anything that may interfere between you and the facilitator in the room. Ignore noises, don't get distracted by latecomers or by people who are typing on their smartphones. Get rid of toxic thoughts and forget your personal problems: live only in the present tense.


  1. Take notes

Think about note down so I don't lose track of the meeting. Annotate important points, check the agenda or documents provided by the organizer before the meeting from time to time.


  1. Keep in mind the purpose of the meeting

When you feel your mind slipping away, remember what's at stake in the meeting. What are his goals? Why were you summoned? What do the organizer and your superiors expect from you?


  1. Take advantage of breaks

Take advantage of breaks to hydrate yourselfYou can also take a coffee or a snack, go to the bathroom and take a few steps to get active. Avoid turning on your smartphone or talking about work. A few minutes of disconnection are essential to better reconnect with the host when you resume.


  1. Sleep well

A good sleep is fundamental to improving your productivity at work and your concentration during meetings. Make sure you get the sleep you need, especially the night before the meeting.


If you remember the ten pieces of advice we just gave you, good news:

you stayed focused throughout your reading!

It remains to be seen whether you will be able to put the theory into practice at your next meeting.