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The 6 mistakes to avoid in order to make your seminar a success

Seminars are one way among others to develop the cohesion of your teams, boost pride of belonging and have a good time in a different setting. After presenting you with our advice on 6 mistakes to avoid in meetingsHere are the most common mistakes you should not make when organizing your seminar.

Not having a specific theme

Not giving your company seminar a theme means taking the risk that your employees will think that it is just one of many professional events. This lack of interest will inevitably affect the attendance rate.

A successful seminar therefore requires, first and foremost, to stimulate the curiosity of your teams. City of Andalusia, Japanese gastronomy, catamaran regattas... The possible themes are endless. To make your choice, another piece of advice: involve your employees by organising a vote or setting up a suggestion box. Success guaranteed.


Choose an inappropriate date

It may seem obvious... Yet event professionals notice that choosing the wrong date is common. Avoid school holidays, bridges and public holidays.

So as not to make a mistake, the best thing to do is to set a date a year in advance, by consulting your teams beforehand, or simply by organising your event on the same date each year, to make it a happy ritual that everyone is looking forward to.


Les 6 erreurs à éviter pour réussir votre séminaire



Les 6 erreurs à éviter pour réussir votre séminaire

Not anticipating logistical concerns

Choice and location of the place, material tests, planning of meals and breaks...

Again, this may seem obvious, but it is essential to plan all these parameters well in advance.

Taking the time to do it beforehand will free you from these worries, and you will be able to fully and serenely devote yourself to the animation of your seminar on the D-day.


Neglecting communication

Choice of destination or restaurant, name of the hotel, room allocation, proposed activities...

Good communication on all these elements upstream is essential. It helps to clarify things for everyone and allows everyone to project themselves.

A pleasant prospect that will create a good atmosphere among your teams weeks or even months before the event.



Do not include your teams in the organization

The organization of a seminar hosted over 2 or 3 days, in the provinces or abroad is not an easy task. Take advantage of this opportunity to be assisted by one or more collaborators.

A good way to develop their sense of belonging to the company and to get ideas and proposals from all your employees.


Overloading the agenda

Many seminar organisers are still trying to fill the schedule to the maximum on the day, hoping to be more efficient. This is usually at the expense of breaks and lunch.

However, these rest periods are essential for team concentration and make it possible to create real moments of sharing and cohesion, which make all the difference between a successful, pleasant and constructive seminar and a boring and too demanding one.

So make sure you maintain a good balance!

Les 6 erreurs à éviter pour réussir votre séminaire