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The 7 key figures of My ALL Meeting,

the European version of


As the number of language versions

available on My ALL Meeting: 

French, English, German, ESpanish, Portuguese & Italian


As the number of hours under which

our team of experts answers you! 

and with a smile on his face.n bonus 🙂



As the number of accessible countries 

for your next event: 

from Ireland to Georgia, from Sweden to Malta...


As the number of destinations offered

on My ALL Meeting:

so many different destinations for so many different seminars!



As the number of hotels on offer

on this new site:

and nearly 400 more to open in the coming months...



As the number of spaces

at your disposal:

From seminars to product launches, all formats are possible!


As the number of rooms

waiting for you:

from economy to luxury, we cater to all budgets...