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Novotel Lisboa : 6 different rooms and chillout terrace with swimming pool, right in the centre of Lisbon

Maximum flexibility for your events: the Novotel Lisboa has six rooms of up to 74m² equipped for audiovisuals, four of which offer natural light. These can be combined to form a single room capable of holding up to 280 attendees.  It’s not only perfect for social distancing, but it also offers the flexibility needed at a time when many events are divided into “breakouts”. And, if you prefer an open-air space, its chillout terrace with outdoor swimming pool holds 50 people. Where work and fun can actually come together!




Total comfort in the heart of Lisbon

Located a mere 2 km from Marquês de Pombal (known far and wide as Lisbon’s nerve centre), the Novotel Lisboa is surrounded by the leisure and cultural offerings that characterise the Portuguese capital, such as its multiple eateries, Zoo and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (the renowned exhibition centre), all literally just around the corner. Such close proximity enables you to add an extensive downtime visit there for your attendees.


As far as transport is concerned, the airport is only 7 km away, and there’s easy access to the metro, buses and train stations such as Santa Apolónia or Cais do Sodré, meaning that getting around quickly and comfortably is guaranteed, be it a trip to the city centre, to a fantastic beach, or to anywhere else in the country. That said, perhaps you’ll find leaving the Novotel Lisboa’s comfortable rooms somewhat difficult. Some rooms have panoramic views over the city!


Novotel Lisboa - Accor group - My ALL Meeting


Novotel Lisboa - Accor group - My ALL Meeting


Six rooms for small-scale meetings or events of to 280 people

The Novotel Lisboa offers you two rooms of 45m² and 36m² for small-scale events (around 30 participants), plus a further four naturally lit rooms (three of 74m² and one of 55m²), each with its own audiovisual equipment. Each of these four rooms could seat up to 70 attendees in theatre format, but if your group is larger or you need more space, you can combine two, three, or all four to form a single longitudinal room for up to 280 attendees. Or why not organise a different session in each room? A “disruptive” touch providing a change of ambience that never fails to reassure.


Access for vehicles via one of the rooms enables motor trade events to be organised. The spacious lobby adjoining the meeting rooms is perfect for a session of networking on the hoof, coffee-breaks or cocktail parties.  Then there’s the restaurant, which is a very well-lit and pleasant place for lunch because it connects directly with the chillout terrace and outdoor pool, where events for up to 50 attendees can also be organised. Why not round off your event with music selected by our resident DJ, Portuguese cuisine, with the Lisbon sunset as the backdrop?


A culinary Bicycle ride

In its new restaurant named “A Bicicleta”, the wheels are purely decorative, because the attendees’ ride takes in regional specialities and a selection of modern international suggestions in line with its colourful and chic décor. Together with its windows there’s a lounge area with sofas and coffee tables that make up a pleasant and informal space for a meeting, presentation or debriefing. In this bar and in the restaurant with its terrace and pool, networking just happens! And if you want your participants to really socialise and enjoy all the city has to offer, book some real bicycles for them (if they haven’t already worn themselves out in our 24-hour fitness centre), or include a tram tour, a boat trip on the Tagus, or an excursion to other famous coastal towns like Sintra in your schedule.


We know that where events are concerned, these days a lot more attention is paid to sustainability, which is why if you’re looking for a place to organise a sustainable activity, the hotel has its own organic vegetable garden where your participants can learn how to plant and cultivate different types of fruit and vegetables. By giving them a kit of plants and tools, you can be sure they will be keen to create their own urban vegetable plot and share their achievements on social media.

Novotel Lisboa - Accor group - My ALL Meeting