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Berlin: eclecticism at the heart of your seminar

Berlin : l’éclectisme au coeur de votre séminaire

If there's one city where you can bring together employees of different ages, it's Berlin! Its atmosphere will delight history buffs as well as lovers of trendy bars and atmosphere.

Majestic views, large parks, the remains of the most famous wall in the world...

Berlin, once again the capital of reunified Germany in 1990, has all the assets to give colour to your business trip. This city, with its recent, turbulent and exciting history, has become a major centre of artistic and cultural life.


Berlin is first of all a story, and its dramatic episodes of the XXe century, which offers itself to the eyes of the one who surveys it: from the famous Brandenburg Gatea symbol of reunification, at the Holocaust Memorialthrough Checkpoint CharlieIt is the crossing point between East Berlin and the American zone during the Cold War, and many other places full of memories.


It's also more than a hundred museums - "Museum Island"The "World Heritage Site" of UNESCO is a must! -, a film festival and its famous "bears", neighborhoods - Mitte, Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg... - with multiple atmospheres and populated by bars...



To get to Berlin, nothing could be easier! Two airports - Schönefeld and Tegel - are served by most European airlines. And by the end of 2020, all flights will arrive at the new and unique Berlin-Brandenburg Airport.

If you have more time, opt for the train, which will take you to the heart of the city. Finally, Berlin's public transport network - between trams, buses, the u-Bahn - is very well developed!


The Accor network in Berlin

To welcome your stay, the Accor network offers you 35 hotels, scattered all over the city. All ranges are represented - Luxury, Premium, Midscale and Economy - and all scales.

Whether it's for an important event - 32 meeting rooms at the Pullman ! - or for a more intimate trip in the team building spirit, all choices are allowed!


Incentive ideas in Berlin

Dinner cruise on the Spreediscovering street art on the East Side Gallery, the longest section (1.3 km) of the wall still standing, "virée-visite" in Trabant, the famous cars from the East, "virée-chic" in Postdam (30 mn from Berlin) to visit the summer palace of the Prussian King Frederick II, "thrill ride" in the Berlin bunkers and basements, graffiti workshops, kitchen, recovery, ...


Difficult to make a choice as the city offers so many possibilities! So start by taking a quick look at it over dinner at the "Sphere." the restaurant located in the bubble at the top of the "Fernsehturm", the television tower. Recognizable among a thousand, it is the tallest building in Germany, located right in the city centre. And what's more... you won't fight for the best view: the restaurant is running!