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With Wojo, coworking is invited in Accor hotels...

Logo WOJOShared spaces, dedicated offices, meeting rooms... to meet the needs of nomadic workers but also SMEs and large companies looking for complementary workspaces, Accor presents Wojo!

This French leader in coworking, which advocates the alliance of work, pleasure and sharing, offers offices, shared work spaces and meeting rooms to companies of all sizes. 

To enhance its tailor-made coworking offer for business travelers in its hotels, Accor has partnered with Wojo. Launched in 2015 by Bouygues Immobilier under the Nextdoor brand, Wojo is a leader in the market for new places to live and work with 10 sites in France, 50,000 sq.m2 of office space and over 5,000 members. AlongsideAccorThe company now aims to become the leading coworking network in Europe and will open its first foreign address in Barcelona in the summer of 2020.


But what does WOJO mean?

The name Wojo was born from the association of the words WORK and MOJOthat state of grace during which great things can be accomplished! A neologism that expresses the brand's desire to apprehend work in a positive way by combining envy, pleasure, sharing and success. As pointed out the CEO of Wojo, Stéphane Bensimon : "Our ambition is to be the leading player in the "workspitality" by developing, throughout the world, an important network of places, creating unique work experiences, enriched with services, designed for pleasure, performance and connecting talents. » By 2022, Wojo's goal is to open 1,200 addresses, 50 sites across Europe and to have 40,000 members.

To achieve this, Wojo imagines solutions to help freelancers, SMEs and large companies to develop and make well-being at work a real performance lever in harmony with the new aspirations of professionals. Wojo therefore offers three types of workspaces to meet the needs of its clients: the Wojo sitess, the Wojo Corners and the Wojo Spots.



Wojo SitesWojo Corners and Wojo Spots.

The Wojo sites occupy an entire building, spread over several thousand square meters. In addition to the many services offered (daily entertainment, concierge services, yoga classes, etc.), Wojo sites have the particularity of mixing living spaces (bars, lounges, kitchen areas, etc.) and areas reserved for work. Shared spaces, but also offices, in order to bring together on the same site the greatest possible diversity of companies and thus promote networking and sharing of experiences.

These spaces are mainly composed of offices with 2 to 4 people and open spaces for 10 to 30 people. But they also have quiet coworking areas and more lively ones, inspiring meeting rooms to encourage ideation and teamwork or more confidential places to isolate oneself and think in small groups. To recharge the batteries, there are also places to relax and rest.

Wojo sites also offer a number of services designed to facilitate the daily life of professionals. From Business Partners are responsible for the well-being of their members on a daily basis and offer them contacts, business events or other events... in line with their core business. These are all arguments that give life to the concept of workspitality.



The Wojo Corners are designed to work quietly, away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, in Accor hotels, but also in the heart of Wojo sites and, soon, in train stations, airports and shopping centres. They are aimed at professionals, freelancers in particular, who can book these spaces on a half-day, full-day or monthly basis.


Finally, the Wojo Spots, also deployed in Accor hotels across the entire range (Economy, Midscale and Luxury), offer nomadic workers, business and commercial travelers the opportunity to work freely, for a few hours, all day or every day, with the guarantee of a personalized welcome, designer spaces, a friendly atmosphere and a reliable and secure wifi connection.

Wojo Corner


The Wojo app


To help nomadic workers find a Wojo space nearby, there are a webapp.

It allows you to geolocate all Wojo Spots and Corners and access them freely!

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