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Rethinking meeting rooms - Episode 1: Eureka by Novotel

Eureka !

So exclaimed the famous Greek physicist, mathematician and engineer Archimedes when he discovered the technique that allowed him to verify whether a crown he had been given was made only of gold.

You might make the same cry when you find out Novotel's Eureka offeran innovative concept for professionals. Why? Because you will know that you have found a space that meets your specific needs.


Are you in charge of organizing your company's seminar?

You work in an event agency and your client asks you for the moon?

Accor offers it to you on a platter. Or rather in a space specially dedicated to all professionals, from CAC 40 companies to SMEs and SMIs : Eureka.

Integrated into Meeting@NovotelThis concept was created to offer professionals an original, aesthetic, comfortable and functional relaxation space.


Illustration Eureka by Novotel


In creating the concept Eureka, Accor wanted to make available to customers Novotel a universe that stimulates imagination and creative meetings. Designed for meetings of 10 to 15 people, this workspace allows you to place reflection and exchanges at the heart of your meetings. This original concept revolves around four pillars:

- A colourful meeting room with a modern design that invites constructive reflection.

- Attractive and modular furniture (mobile armchairs, removable partitions, split tables, etc.) adapted to the needs of each person.

- State-of-the-art equipment that guarantees pleasant and efficient meetings (HD screens, DVD player, creativity panel, Wi-Fi...)

- A turnkey "all inclusive" offer that simplifies the organization of meetings, especially for professionals with a limited budget.


Illustration Eureka by Novotel

Effort and comfort

Being inspired, creative and productive takes a lot of effort. In between periods of reflection, it is important that you can relax. That's why our meeting rooms feature spaces designed for your coffee breaks, cocktails and meals.

The establishments also offer simple and balanced catering solutions that will allow you to recharge your batteries before your new brainstorming session.

Once the day is over, you can relax in the hotel facilities at your disposal: swimming pool, sauna, gym...


Illustration Eureka by Novotel

Eureka, a real Novotel gamble

These revolutionary workspaces are part of the policy ofAccor which, for the past few years, has been inaugurating "new generation" establishments.

Eureka is an essential part of Novotel which wants to make innovation and modernity its new spearheads.

Since its creation 40 years ago, the brand has been able to integrate new innovative concepts. Through Eureka, it aims to offer a new dimension to your meetings: yours.


Illustration Eureka by Novotel