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Redesigned meeting rooms - Episode 3: Premium by Novotel

Nearly two out of every three guests staying at Novotel hotels are business travellers. Accor offers a brand new concept, in its Novotel hotels, for small and medium-sized meetings, Premium Meeting.

Breaking the meeting codesthis original concept adapted to new ways of working guarantees the success of your meetings in a eco-friendly comfort bubble.

A nice alternative to other meeting rooms already presented before, Eureka by Novotel and Business Playground by Pullman.

Objectives of the Novotel Premium Meeting offer

Confort and effectiveness rarely make a good match in meeting spaces. This is why Accor has seen fit to break meeting codes and to reinvent itself according to its own standards. The Premium concept by Novotel is structured around five main objectives:


- Provide meeting spaces in which participants feel comfortable in order to improve their effectiveness;

- Create a fun universe conducive to relaxation;

- Create a space with advanced technologies and environment-friendly;

- Provide you with a committed staffavailable and listening to you;

- Propose solutions for catering adapted to the number of participants and your budget.

illustration Premium by Novotel

illustration Premium by Novotel

Two meeting rooms, a multitude of possibilities

One of the great originalities of the concept Premium by Novotel resides in these two types of room: a fixed room and a multi-purpose room.

The fixed room (50 m2) can accommodate between 10 and 30 people. With its modern designsound, its ergonomic furniture and its wooden panels that recall the brand's commitment to the durable developmentThis is ideal if you need to organize a small meeting.

The multi-purpose room is a modular room whose size can be modified according to the number of participants. It can accommodate between 10 and 100 people in an area of 50 to 100 m.2. Modularity is an essential prerequisite for a tailor-made offer. Removable partitions make it possible to quickly adapt the room. From the crab's claw to the board meeting, you are free to choose the layout you want.

In addition, these two rooms have a relaxation zone in which you will find a cloakroom, a lounge chair, a footstool, a design fountain and a minibar.

A sensory revolution

The offer Novotel Premium Meeting places special emphasis on the awakening of the senses. In your cocoon, you will be surprised to see how your five senses are stimulated for a optimum effectiveness :


- Vision: high-end video projector, lighting scenarios, eye-pleasing materials such as wood, fresh colour palette (lavender, coral...).

- Hearing: State-of-the-art audio system and CD player, acoustic panels, background music.

- Touch: Soft textures, ergonomic furniture.

- Smell: Oshibori wipes scented with green tea.

- Taste: Quality restoration.

illustration Premium by Novotel


As you can see, there's more to it than just one. work placethis concept, which is aimed at small and medium-sized meetings, is first and foremost an living environment in which the comfort, l’originality, l’effectiveness and the environmental compliance live together wonderfully.

Welcome to your new office. Welcome to your meeting space Premium by Novotel!