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For a successful meeting, the 6 mistakes not to make!

As ameeting organizerYou are very detail-oriented. However, some things may have slipped through the cracks. Just as there are tips and techniques that add value to your meeting or seminarBut if you don't know what to do, some mistakes can ruin an event that took you weeks to prepare.

Team spirit, cohesion, motivation, self-confidence, autonomy, creativity... If you want to bring out all these values and ensure the success of your meeting, here are six mistakes you must avoid.

Error #1 - Don't choose an inappropriate schedule

Attention is an essential ingredient for a successful meeting. Avoid scheduling your meeting too early in the morning when participants are still asleep, or too late in the day when they are just thinking about going home.

Monday mornings and Friday afternoons are to be avoided at all costs, as the level of concentration and good mood at these times of the week are generally at their lowest.

Mistake #2 - Don't schedule a meeting without an agenda

There is nothing worse than participants going to a meeting without knowing what will be discussed. A meeting without an agenda has several consequences: unprepared and unfocused participants, an unproductive meeting, and a credit loss of the organizer.

Mistake #3 - Don't tolerate inappropriate comments or behavior

A meeting does not have to be a smooth ride or a hustle and bustle. It is up to you to create a dynamic and friendly environment by using your creativity (background music, welcome film, posters, post-it notes, material...), but you must also maintain this good dynamic.

Show yourself friendly, understandable and attentivebut take a zero tolerance approach to lack of discipline. This applies to comments as well as to attitudes and the use of mobile phones. If a disruptive element does not change his or her attitude despite being made aware of the rules and being called to order, ask him or her to leave for the good of the group.

Mistake #4 - Don't get lost in the maze of your speech

Many organizers think they're doing the right thing by writing notes and PowerPoint preparations galore. However, your notes and slides are only a skeleton, a support from which you guide your audience.

Detach yourself from your supports and avoid endless monologues that stun the participants and close the doors of reflection.

Mistake #5 - Don't neglect the active role of the participants

Some organizers want to carry the weight of their meeting alone, forgetting that it is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices. Don't get locked into your plan or your monologue.

Solicit feedback from participants, ask questions, arouse their curiosity and organize workshops that will require them to work and think as a team. The brainstorming is excellent for energizing a group.

Mistake #6 - Don't end the meeting without making decisions

One of the classic mistakes is to develop a concept, present a product or unveil a strategy, and then ask the participants if they have understood. Few people dare to say no. Observe the reactions to try to read their thoughts and above all, don't close your meeting without making one or more decisions.

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid in your next meeting, find out how to run an effective meeting.