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Forget PowerPoint at your next meeting!

You're going to organize a conference or a company seminar ? You will probably be tempted to resort to the inevitable PowerPoint. This tool from the Microsoft Office has, for more than 20 years, been omnipresent in the animation of the meetings.

However, PowerPoint is less and less in demand for two main reasons: the monotonous aspect of the slides that scroll by and the emergence of new, more dynamic tools.

Presentations: the 5 best alternatives to PowerPoint

illustration Oubliez PowerpointPowerPoint in recent years has seen the emergence of young competitors capable of holding their cards high, starting with Prezi.

Contrary to PowerPoint, which is often criticized for its lack ofergonomicsthat presentation tool offers greater freedom. The presenter can easily move from one point to another without losing sight of the central theme being discussed, while playing with the zoom to give more strength to his message.

Easy to use, Prezi is free but there are paid versions that include more features.


illustration Oubliez PowerpointBunkr is posing as another serious candidate to dethrone PowerPoint.

Designed by a Normandy-based start-up, this tool is ideal for the collaborative working because it allows for the realization of online presentations.

After selecting the elements of your presentation on the Web, you can share them with your collaborators in real time and from any support (PC, tablet, smartphone).

illustration Oubliez PowerpointThat fans of Google are reassured, the Mountain View firm also has its own presentation tool: Slides.

Good grip, speed, efficiency, collaborative mode to encourage thesportsmanship if you are looking for a free dynamic tool, Google Slides will seduce you, all the more so since he is PowerPoint compatible.


illustration Oubliez PowerpointIf your first criterion is simplicity, turn to SlideBean. Certainly less dynamic than its competitors, its quality / difficulty ratio is excellent.

Select your texts, photos and videos, and the tool takes care of setting up your presentation.

SlideBean is paid for (5 euros per month), but it saves you precious time.



Less well known than the tools mentioned above, Oomfo is distinguished above all by the quality of its interactive graphics.

Simple to install and friendly PowerPointit is an interesting complement to the famous tool of Microsoft.

How about a meeting without an introduction?

Film your colleagues in full swing, your boss giving instructions, a satisfied customer: the video is an original way to present your company or the conduct of a project. While most smartphones Nowadays, you can also entrust the creation of your videos to a specialized company such as PitchMotionThe price of a one-minute video varies between 1,500 and 5,000 euros.

Finally, the speed dating is ideal for those who wish to address several topics at one meeting. Divide participants into three groups and place each group in a room. They will see the different speakers one by one and will have 20 minutes to interact with them. This original concept is appreciated for its dynamismits brevity and its ease of implementation.

However, if you remain attached to PowerPoint, avoid making a recurring and fatal mistake to the dynamism of your meeting: don't just read your slides and add real value to your presentation!