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How to organize an effective meeting?

With a little method (and a few tips borrowed from the biggest web companies), discover how to make meetings rhyme with efficiency and decision making.

I/ Prepare your meeting well

To get your meeting on track, it is important to prepare it in detail, according to the TOP method. This consists of clearly defining the following elements:

- T is for Theme : Define precisely the theme of the meeting, i.e., what topics will be discussed (and, incidentally, what topics will not be discussed).

- O for Objective : What should be the outcome of the meeting? What is the desired outcome? Is it a transmission of information, a report, a collective decision, or the production of a creative brief? The final product of the meeting must be defined before it is convened.

- P for Plan : How will the meeting be conducted and what steps will be taken?

The results of this TOP analysis should be included in the agenda, which can then be forwarded to the participants.


II/ to have bet on all the talents present

Avoid at all costs that your meeting turns into a round table discussion where the floor is monopolized by budding speakers, or by the highest levels of the hierarchy... A successful meeting must stimulate interactions by creating a listening space where even the most shy people can express themselves. A delicate task, which relies mainly on on the talents of the meeting facilitator. A role not to be neglected!

illustration Atelier by Mama Shelter

III/ Achieve real decision making

Informative meetings are useful, but most of the time a successful meeting involves through decision making that will lead to action.

For its employee meetings, Google has implemented a methodology that consists of naming one decision-maker per meeting. 

He or she must ensure that each action is assigned to a collaborator, who will ensure its implementation once the meeting is over.

IV/ Putting technology at the service of the meeting

A good meeting room should put you in a position to in the best material conditionswithout any unpleasant surprises.

For this, connectivity (wifi and wired) and the latest display interfaces (LED screens, HiFi sound) are essential for an efficient meeting. Ideally for important meetings, you can use the presence of of a "welcomer". 

As a single point of contact, he is able to welcome participants and manage technical problems while ensuring that every detail is under control.

V/ The importance of a stimulating space

Who hasn't sighed when entering an austere meeting room, with old-fashioned furniture and where the only focus is a black and white Powerpoint?

Richard Branson, the iconic CEO of Virgin, reminds us of an essential rule of successful meetings: surprise the participants with the location of the meeting. He encourages his employees to meet in a park, a café or any other creative place that encourages creative thinking.

The importance of a modern and stimulating meeting room is also what led the Accor group to offer different types of rooms such as Eureka by Novotel, PlayGround by Pullman or the Mama Shelter Workshops Meeting rooms calibrated for stimulating and creative meetings, thanks to colourful and innovative furniture and state-of-the-art equipment, in a space dedicated to productivity.

Everything you need for successful meetings!