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A new concept: the "micro-meeting" or small format meeting!

Remedy the problem of unproductive meetings by making them go through a slimming cure! By optimising working time, micro-meetings are a real cure for "reunionitis".

For nomadic workers, they are easy to set up thanks to to coworking areas of the group Accor.

Meetings that are too long, not productive enough

Who hasn't wondered what he or she is doing in a meeting?

Described, meetings often consume too much working time: bringing together 10 people for 2 hours is like using 20 hours of work... Or even more if you take into account the different trips related to the meetings!

Poorly optimised, a good number of meetings become unproductive rounds of meetings, where speaking time is monopolised by one or two speakers, without any real decision making.

For a nomadic worker, this is a real problem: on the move, working time is more precious than ever and meetings are very time-consuming. This is the observation made by Google (as well as many start-ups), with a simple and innovative answer that reminds us of the minimalism of its homepage: micro-meetings.


Under the aegis of Marissa Mayer, Google's micromeetings have provided a real solution to restore productivity in meetings. They require a strict control of the duration of the meeting, which can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, but never more. The number of participants is also limited, from 2 to 6 people, to guarantee the importance of each one.

On the menu of the meeting, one watchword: decision making! Finally, the secret of a successful mini-meeting lies in its preparation, in particular thanks to online collaborative work tools.


Mercure Paris Gare de Lyon H2217


Illustration EasyWork by Mercure


Small meetings are particularly suitable for nomadic workers or those on business trips: easy to organise, they only require a workspace, which can be provided by a hotel or a coworking space. At the convergence of the two, the offer EASYWORK by Mercure offers an ideal solution for organizing micro meetings with customers, partners and employees, even at a distance from the company premises. In France, already 5 hotels Mercury offer this service (there will soon be 30 when the offer is rolled out), in strategic locations: Paris, Massy TGV station, Nantes and Bordeaux.

A new generation of collaborative workspaces invite nomadic workers to reinvent meetings in different structures, from high tables for an informal meeting with a client, to confidential meeting spaces that can accommodate up to 6 people. Connected via broadband, equipped with Bluetooth printers, with a courtesy tray (bottle of water, biscuits...) available and hot drinks at will and self-service, they offer all the comfort of the network. Accor. If we add design and functional furniture that invites creativity, the spaces EASYWORK by Mercure will allow you to put productivity back into your meetings!