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Nextdoor and Mama Works: the new coworking experience

Looking for an inspiring place to work while on the move? Need to meet with partners or clients in a less formal setting than a meeting room? Nextdoor and Mama Works, the coworking spaces of the Accor Group, are made for you!


Vast open spaces in which to exchange and forge links, small offices conducive to concentration, cosy places ideal for talking about a project around a table, the coworking spaces are multiple and flourish all around our hotels. Their success corresponds to new ways of working, to emerging needs linked to companies' need for mobility, or sometimes to a simple desire for sharing or freedom. Generations Y and Z see it as an opportunity to become part of a community with which to create synergies, work in project teams, generate new ideas, etc. They represent 45% of the users of these new workspaces and 41% of them see it as a way to encourage and improve their productivity*.


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Comfortable working conditions


While they have naturally become part of the working habits of those who have adopted the start-up mode, these friendly places have solid assets to appeal to all generations and all professional profiles. You are at Lyon, Bordeaux or Lille, an hour is free in your schedule. Would you like to use it to make a Skype or access a Google sheet on a bigger screen than your tablet?


Offers from Mama Works - Mama Mobile, Mama Desk, Mama Office, Mama Suite, Mama Events and Meetings - that's what it's all about. A working environment to choose from, from the sofa to the meeting room to the latest digital equipment. At Mama office, your employees, curled up in soft armchairs, will appreciate the ultra-connected environment and the designer décor that you'll have adapted to the colours of your company. In this original place that they will experience as a special attention they will be, more than ever, attentive, committed and efficient.


Coworking spaces Nextdoor also welcome you in Paris or in the heart of La Défense or in the Lyon and Saint-Lazare train stations, to optimize your travel. These new work spaces can be adapted to all your needs: for a one-off operation or for a longer collaboration on subscription, from the most important meeting to teambuilding experiences the boldest!

Work and... decompress!


This is the greatest innovation! Built on the idea that we concentrate better, that we are more efficient when we can combine work and relaxation, the offers of Nextdoor and Mama Works are not limited to offering high-end offices or new types of meeting rooms. They also offer access to services and facilities to bring well-being and fulfilment.


There are table football, table tennis, billiards, yoga, meditation, cooking workshops and you can even get a tattoo or have your beard trimmed. Some places have gardens in which you will have the pleasure of sharing an energy drink... between two meetings! A new vision of work. To be continued...





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