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How to integrate sustainability into your next meeting?

We don't mess around with love... for the planet.

In a world where environmental protection, climate change and green energy are at the center of debates, sustainable development is a concept that public and private actors must include in their policies and strategies. In September 2015, 193 states showed the way by adopting a durable development by 2030.

The tourism sector, whose social and environmental impact is particularly important, cannot remain on the sidelines of this eco-responsible commitment. As ameeting organizerLearn how to integrate sustainable development into your next event to reduce your carbon footprint. ecological footprint.

ISO 20 121, the reference standard for meeting planners

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a standard specifically for event operations. Called 20 121, it contains guidelines that can guide you in your first steps towards sustainability.

Waste recycling, water consumption, energy sources, transportation of participants: each decision making has social, environmental and financial consequences. Designed by a variety of stakeholders, the ISO 20 121 standard allows you to more easily integrate sustainable development into your meetings while ensuring better control of your budget.

Other measures in favour of sustainable development

There are alternatives to certification that are more accessible and quicker to implement. ADERE (Environmental Self Diagnosis for Event Managers) is a 90-point tool that offers you the possibility to adopt an eco-responsible attitude in less than two hours. The label PrestaDD is awarded to entertainment and event companies. By soliciting the services of service providers having obtained this label, you will reduce your ecological footprint without having to revolutionize your methodology.


illustration développement durable



illustration développement durable

Sustainable development and events, instructions for use

"Theory is absurd in practice and practice is blind without theory", said a certain Immanuel Kant. If it is true that sustainable development and seminars can go hand in hand, we still need to know how to merge these two hemispheres.

When planning your meeting, be sure to consider the following:

-• The place Select an establishment that places sustainable development at the center of its concerns, and that avoids participants having to travel too far;

-• Access: look for a location that is easily accessible and encourage participants to use public transportation (or carpool) to get to your meeting ;

-• Partnerships : favour eco-responsible partners and make sure that your decision making be reflected during your event (reusable furniture, catering service including local products...);

-• Waste Management : Before your event, ask your suppliers about the best way to manage and sort your waste;

-• Material: Opt for badges and gifts made from reusable materials.



Accor, an eco-responsible group

Every day, Accor provides food, water and energy to 500,000 customers worldwide.

The group's sustainable development policy is based on Planet 21a series of commitments to be made by 2020:

-• Reduction of 30% food waste;

-• 100% of establishments low-carbon and engaged in a citizen or solidarity initiative;

-• 10 million of trees planted (by 2021) ;

-• Awareness customers and employees on sustainable development;

- Adoption of alternative eco-responsible models.


illustration développement durable



Respect for the environment and local populations, cost optimization, improvement of brand image: the challenges of sustainable development are many!

Learn how to incorporate it into your next meeting. The planet, your employees and future generations will thank you!