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Horse coaching at the Novotel Domaine de Maffliers - Demeure de Campagne: for teams at the top!

In the heart of the forest of L'Isle-Adam, come and recharge and boost your teams! Thanks to horse (or equi) coaching, the horse becomes an ally for a top level management. Results guaranteed!

Bet on the (good) horse!

Mixing horses and business, you should have thought of it! However, since the famous film The Horse Whisperer, the positive influence of this animal is well known. Autism, children, the sick, the elderly, prison populations... methods of support and therapy based on the relationship with horses have developed.

The latest innovation: horse coaching, also called equicoachingwhich targets the corporate world. To be tested in a context where management is looking for a new lease of life, where teams need to get together after several months of telecommuting and confinement.

Getting to know each other

A true expert in non-verbal communication, the horse has the particularity to give an immediate response to our behaviours, it reveals how we communicate and exercise authority1. Horse coaching is based on this concept.

At first, the seminar participants are simply put in touch with the animal, then they give him instructions, which allows everyone to evaluate in real time the quality of his communication. No riding skills are required. In a second step, this experience will be transposed to the professional experience with a coach.


Equicoaching Novotel Maffliers

Equicoaching Novotel Maffliers

The keys to successful management

To become aware of one's relational mode, to exercise responsibilities more easily, to understand the mechanisms of team cohesion, to reinforce one's leadership... the beneficial effects of this unusual method are countless based on experimentation. The participants play the game to the fullest, they often have a "click" by discovering soft skills in themselves2 that make them feel valued. As for the teams, they come out stimulated and strengthened by the experience, ready for a new start!


An ideal seminar at the Domaine des Maffliers

30 km north of Paris, near the castle of Chantilly and its horse museum, the Novotel Domaine des Maffliers is ideally located, nestled in the heart of 35 wooded acres.

This rejuvenating setting opens its doors to you, and more particularly its private stables!


During your seminar, tailor-made workshops will be offered to your employees, all designed by professionals of both the horse and the company.

Some examples of proposals:

- Adapting your communication to your interlocutor: soliciting the "collaborating horses

- Knowing and appreciating yourself better: the "mirror horse

- Working as a team: "the four horse team

- Expressing your message or brief: the "receiving horse


Everything to dare to "let go of the horses"!



Equicoaching Novotel Maffliers

1 Au XVIIe In the 19th century, horsemen were already using the term "management", which literally meant "taking your horse to the riding school".

2 Human and behavioural skills