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How to make a good TPP in 6 key steps?

You've probably already seen a totally failed presentation. Too long, confusing, poorly illustrated... to avoid this and to prepare yourself well, here is a simple method in six key points.



First step, define a storytelling like a movie storyboard. Do not hesitate to take a sheet of paper and a pen to outline the whole story of your slides. From this backbone which will bring a general coherence, you will only have to graft your ideas on each slide.

Respecting a graphic charter

Choice of colours, shapes, fonts... To avoid making mistakes, the easiest way is to start by making the masks for your slides. Choose one, two or even three colours no more. You can then play with the nuances. Also remember to always put the logo in the same place. Standardize the fonts: don't use a too stylized font like Comic and don't use more than two different ones. Finally, respect legibility: no size smaller than 10.


illustration article PPT

illustration titre PPT

The 10/20/30 rule

This rule applies in particular to a business plan. 10 slides, 20 minutes - Ted and TEDX conferences for example usually last between 10 and 20 minutes -, and 30 for the font size: this is a minimum recommended size but cannot be applied to all types of presentations.


A good Powerpoint should contain only one message and one idea per slide. And this is the most difficult step. Force yourself to reduce the message to fit on a business card. A synthetic presentation also avoids being too long on the day and annoying your audience.


Favour photos that illustrate the subject well rather than ridiculous images. Also prefer a graph rather than explaining that sales have gone up, then down and then up again. A good picture is always better than a long speech. Similarly, prefer a table to a boring enumeration. Finally, don't forget to mention the sources of any resources you use: photos, tables, statistics, studies, etc. It is first of all a mark of respect for the work done by a third party and it brings credibility to your work.

Moderate animations

It's often very nice and it energizes a presentation, as long as you don't abuse it! Make sure that they bring something to the message, otherwise it's not worth it. A piece of advice, if you are not comfortable with this tool don't use it.

Finally, be modest but confident in your choices and ideas on the day of the presentation and everything will go well.

Illustration titre PPT