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How to make an original report?

The objectives of a report of meetings are always the same: summarize the essential elements to be retained, record the decisions taken and keep a written record of them. To get out of the usual Word format, here are some ideas for original minutes: video, Storify, mobile application...



"Storify": the Cure 2.0 report

Storify is the best tool to report on a conference, workshop or 2.0 training. At these information-rich events, presenters often roll out their presentations fairly quickly and cite examples to illustrate a particular topic. But fortunately, with the advent of Twitter, participants no longer hesitate to get this additional information live and share it instantly on the hashtag dedicated to the event. With Storify, you can not only edit text and images but you can also insert tweets, URL links, videos and anything else that can be shared on the internet. An interactive 2.0 report that you can also share on social networks or in pdf format.

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 "Beesy"  the aptly named application for overworked managers 

If you're a digital tools enthusiast and spend your days in meetings, the Beesy mobile application will save you a lot of time. Available on iPhone, iPad, iWatch and the web, it works even offline and syncs all your actions on all your digital media. With an automatic layout that follows your agenda, intelligent note taking, and automated tasks from your notes, you can create your meeting minutes in just a few clicks. And if you like the tool, you can also use it to efficiently organize your teams' work.


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The video: a lively account to capture attention

How about a short 1.5 minute video that captures the essence of your meeting? Or short clips of the highlights of the meeting? A way to revisit the classic minutes, to capture the attention of your employees and to humanize the exchanges at work. Everyone will be able to watch the video between tasks during the day. And to save even more time, you can film yourself directly after the meeting by recapitulating the key points and decisions taken. Simply download the video to your computer and share it by email or on your team's Whatsapp group.


The table: simple and effective for dealing with many actions

If, on the other hand, these digital formats seem too complicated, a simple Excel spreadsheet will also do the trick. Especially if you have recorded many actions during the meeting and they concern many employees. In this case, nothing could be simpler to organize the work and distribute the roles. Create three columns: name of the task (or a number), summary of discussions/objectives and person responsible for the action to be carried out. At a glance, everyone will then be able to see the part that concerns them and consult the corresponding brief without having to go through the whole report.

In any case, whatever the format chosen, the important thing is that it meets your needs and habits to be profitable to the greatest number.

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