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How to encourage good participation in meetings?

While meetings remain an excellent means of pooling ideas, debating and, above all, deciding for 62% managers*, their effectiveness is increasingly questioned. Here are a few tips to make your employees want you again and to make sure they'll be attentive..


Meetings that are too frequent (24 days a year for executives), too long (1h20 on average), not interactive enough... Criticisms are numerous and their format often reduces the concentration of the participants.

After seeing how to break the meeting routinethis is a few tips to make your employees want you again and to make sure they'll be attentive..


Satisfying the need for recognition

The first lever of motivation is undoubtedly to satisfy the need for recognition inherent to every human being and consequently to your employees.

A leader knows and recognizes the qualities of his teams and values them. A simple manager often only points out mistakes.

In meetings, therefore, do not hesitate to call your staff by their first name, include them on the agenda, ask them which subjects they wish to discuss and ensure that the most relevant opinions are included in the content and in the minutes of the meeting.

Participation and leadership guaranteed!

Comment encourager une bonne participation en réunion ?



Comment encourager une bonne participation en réunion ?

Offering a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere

We've all attended soporific meetings, held after lunch break or on a Friday late afternoon... Nothing worse to encourage people to wait for it to pass by looking at the clock.

To avoid this, it is essential that your meeting be lively, even distracting. After all, no one likes meetings that are too formal. So don't hesitate to be relaxed and add a dose of fun and games to your meetings.

Organize teams, launch mini-challenges in limited time, count the points after each good intervention... Or any other idea that could bring a playful side to your meeting.

The results will only get better!



Show the teeth if necessary (but gently)

However, if this method does not work, it is always possible to require this participation. The message can be conveyed smoothly, but it must nevertheless be assertive and very clear to everyone.

After all, the expected participation is nothing less than the counterpart of the recognition given to the colleagues you have invited to help you.


Breaking codes, experimenting with new numerical tools

If your teams are tired of always meeting in the same windowless room or in the basement, why not try a new format?

For example, conference calls that allow you to be in a meeting from home or from your yacht; stand-up meetings to avoid naps and spend less time sitting in front of your computer; or shared project software such as Planner, Slack or Trello that allow to share all information and limit the sending of unnecessary emails.

Comment encourager une bonne participation en réunion ?

Alternatively, you can always organise an informal meeting around a picnic in the sun. Participation guaranteed!



* Sources of all figures mentioned in the article: Wisembly / IFOP annual barometer