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In meetings, we avoid...

A notification on your smartphone, cookies that crunch under your teeth, laughter or low masses during a presentation, an awkward intervention, an inappropriate posture... The success of a meeting depends not only on the skills of the organizer and the quality of the content, but also on the involvement of the participants. Here is a closer look at the code of bad conduct that you should never follow during your next meeting.



Highlighting the presence of your phone

It's hard to do without your smartphone, even in meetings. Everyone is waiting for a call, an email or an important file. Nevertheless, don't let your faithful companion become the main protagonist of the seminar or conference. Put your mobile phone on silent mode when you enter the room, and make sure you don't check it every ten minutes. Your obsession may irritate your colleagues and, more importantly, the organizer.

Making noise while eating snacks

Brainstorming, role-playing games, workshops, PowerPoint presentations... some meetings tend to drag on and put a strain on the participants' bodies. If you treat yourself to a snack between breaks, be careful not to be loud with your wrappers and chewing. Be discreet and spare your colleagues, who certainly don't want to see your cookies being crushed in your mouth.

Disrespecting the speaker

Cutting someone during an intervention is a reflex that is as involuntary as it is embarrassing.

If you would like to ask a question about your company's strategy or obtain more information about the new product presented, let the speaker speak before speaking. Avoid bursting into laughter if the subject is serious and wait until the next break to tell the person next to you about the contract you have just signed or the holiday you are planning.


Be excessive in what you say

When you intervene, remain neutral and measured. Don't allow your feelings to override reasonEspecially if you criticize a decision or a colleague. Don't throw flowers at each other by getting lost in speeches that are only meant to highlight your knowledge, your team spirit or your organizational skills. Limit yourself to add value to the discussion without overdoing it, and let others draw their own conclusions.

Let yourself be swallowed up by your chair

Even if your back pain gets worse as the hours go by, stay at sit upright in your chair. Put your hands on the table to show that you are calm and focused. You can cross your legs, but avoid placing them at right angles (one foot over one knee). Banish reflexes that indicate a certain nervousness: moving your legs like springs, biting your nails, checking your watch, looking up to the sky, blowing...

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Finally, a little advice if you are shy by nature and just looking for attention: mentally formulate your words and take a deep breath before speaking. You'll gain confidence and engage your audience more.