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The trendy international destinations for a seminar

The seminar is an original tool necessary for the smooth running of a company. It reinforces the team building and promotes the bonding between members of the same firm, whatever their functions, outside the usual place of work. In addition, the playful dimension of the seminar facilitates the motivation of the participants.

Discover 5 trendy destinations abroad that are popular with companies who want to combine team spirit, emulation and cultural exchanges. In each of these destinations, you will find establishments of the group Accor who will help you organize and ensure the success of your seminar.



Berlin, an eclectic capital for original seminars


Only a two-hour flight from Paris, the German capital is surprisingly dynamic and trendy. The city has a wide range of facilities for seminarss, the congress and the trade fairs.

Berlin is also a pioneer in fashion, art and design. This special atmosphere is ideal for stimulate team spiritto awaken in your employees the creators and the decision-makers in them.

illustration Les destinations tendance à l’international pour un séminaire

illustration Les destinations tendance à l’international pour un séminaire

London, a safe bet for a successful international seminar


London is a classic destination but it never disappoints!

A cruise on the Thames, a London brunch, a walking tour of Covent Garden: Europe's most cosmopolitan city offers a wide range of possibilities to improve yoursportsmanship. In addition, this type of activity will encourage participants to practice the language of Shakespeare.

Lisbon, the white city with seven hills


Facing the Atlantic Ocean, the Portuguese capital has a hint of Brazil and California, with its hills reminiscent of San Francisco. The city enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year and is endowed withstate-of-the-art facilities for theorganization of your seminars.

At the end of your event, you can offer the participants the possibility of carrying out nautical activities to further strengthen the team building and sip a delicious cocktail in the lively streets after dark.

illustration Les destinations tendance à l’international pour un séminaire

illustration Les destinations tendance à l’international pour un séminaire

Madrid, Spanish-style emulation

Located in the heart of Spain, Madrid is a city of art and architectural gems. From the Royal Palace to the Plaza Mayor and the buildings of the Gran Vía, the Spanish capital is brimming with life and culture. Its three main museums (Prado, Reina Sofía and Thyssen-Bornemisza) house one of the richest collections of pictorial works in the world.

In addition to culture, gastronomy is an excellent way to boost your seminar in Madrid. For maintain motivation of your employees, discover the delicious tapas at the end of your busy day. Emotions guaranteed!

Dubai, a bridge between East and West


It is difficult to remain indifferent when you land in Dubai. At the crossroads of East and West, this city-state is a very popular destination for seminar organizers who value the importance of human dimension. And for good reason, culture shock invites you to question your values, breaks down the barrier of prejudice and facilitates open-mindedness!

Panoramic views from the highest tower in the world, skiing in the desert, golfing: you can choose your way to strengthen the team building as you see fit.

illustration Les destinations tendance à l’international pour un séminaire

But before you choose the destination for your international seminar,

think about identifying your objectives and make sure you select a city that fits your budget!