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How to make your seminar evening a success?

Choice of setting, catering, atmosphere, goodies... Here are a few keys to make your seminar evening an unforgettable party!

1/ Choose an exceptional setting

Royal fireworks in the gardens of the Mercure Chantilly Resort & Conventionsaperitif on the beach in front of the Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa sea & spa or Garden Party at the Mercure Paris Porte de Pantin... Here are some of the possibilities offered by our network of hotels throughout France for an unforgettable seminar evening whatever your budget. From the most luxurious setting to the most atypical hotel, it is up to you to choose the style that best suits your corporate identity. And with the beautiful days approaching, we invite you to discover our magnificent rooftops all over France for a summer evening in the open air.


2/ Take care of the restoration

As with a wedding, the quality of the dinner and the products on offer are also essential to the success of a company evening. If your budget allows it, choose organic and local seasonal products. Even if the menu is simple, your taste buds will remember it. You can take the opportunity to invite a producer from your region who will come to present his products and allow your guests to leave with a little gourmet pleasure if they wish.

Another possibility, show cookingA unique experience that is sure to make your guests salivate and leave them with a memorable memory of the event. If you prefer a less conventional formula, the cocktail reception is a good option. More user-friendly, it facilitates exchanges and is better suited to large gatherings.


Elégant dressage de table pour évènement

Plateau de coupes de champagne évènement

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.

3/ Organize an animation for the end of the evening

From an organizational point of view, it is important not to finish dinner too late, especially if you have to be in the office the next day. This way those who wish to can go home. On the other hand, don't forget those who would like to extend the evening and have a good time with colleagues outside the office. Therefore, plan an animation for the end of the evening. DJ set, live music, karaoke... It's up to you according to your employees' tastes.


4/ Offer a small souvenir

What better way to spend a beautiful evening than to keep a nice souvenir of it? The most efficient and the most sympathetic in this matter remains the photobooth. A must, which is always a success at the end of the evening and which offers often collector's pictures... If you have a budget, you can also plan small goodies in the colours of your company: sunglasses for the gentlemen and fans for the ladies, for example, will kill two birds with one stone with the arrival of summer.


5/ Let the Accor teams guide you

As you can see, making a success of your seminar evening is no small matter. This is why our hotels provide you with teams specialized in the organization of tailor-made professional events. They are there to accompany you every step of the way, from the briefing to the choice of dishes for your meals or the most suitable space in the hotel. Count on our teams to take care of every detail and guarantee the success of your seminar.