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How to make a good brainstorm?

Do you want to improve the way your company operates? Adopt a new strategy, design an innovative product, launch an advertising campaign or expand internationally?

Major decisions must be the result of deep reflection. Brainstorming, which consists of to reflect in a group on a given issueThe "Creative Solutions" project is a unique collective solution that combines individual creative abilities to create a unique collective solution. However, brainstorming cannot be improvised. Here are a few tips that will improve your brainstormings, while integrating strong values such as cohesion, listening, team spirit and empathy.

I/ Choose a knowledgeable & organized facilitator

Just like a seminar or a conference, brainstorming should be conducted by a someone who knows the subject perfectly and knows how to captivate his audience.

If you are looking for an original idea, hire an external consultant who will bring a fresh perspective to your focus group. Make sure he or she understands what you want from him or her, starting with the brainstorming issue.

Are you looking to create a logo or slogan? A product aimed at young people? A visual for your advertising posters? Improve the design of your premises? Or the backbone for your press releases?

II/ If you are conducting your own brainstorming session

If you are doing your own brainstorming, answer questions from participants before you begin.

Annotate your main ideas on a flipchart and do not hesitate to call out the less attentive to order, to make them understand that thelistening is a fundamental component of brainstorming.

Favour mutual aid and team spirit. Above all, banish the spirit of competition, which has no place in this type of exercise.

III/ A varied panel of participants

The success of your brainstorming does not only depend on your expertise, commitment and organizational skills. Remember that ideas must come from the group. To encourage reflection and increase your chances of success, select participants with different profiles. Build on the multi-level diversity : sex, age, origin, responsibilities in the company, personality...

IV/ Creating a climate of trust

As in all group work, it is important to build trust during your brainstorm. Forget the professional setting, and opt for a more inspiring place than a room surrounded by four walls if possible. A shady garden or the bank of a river are good examples. Above all, don't criticize participants after an intervention, this could block them. On the contrary, encourage them to develop their thinking, congratulate them for their contribution and look for a skilful way to bounce back on the ideas proposed.

Brainstorming must have a playful dimension to untie the minds of the participants. Consider introducing an accessory, such as a ball that passes through the speaker's hands. It should be done with surprise and spontaneity. Don't hesitate to draw the participants' attention to ideas that seem far-fetched at first, as they can open a new door for unsuspected reflection.



Can't you hear yourself? Your voice is covered with laughter and propositions of all kinds?

Good news, your brainstorming is a success!

At the end of the session, all you have to do is gather together the post-it notes, photos, texts and other materials used.

Comment on them, and choose together the best ideaswhich will have to be further developed later.

illustration Comment organiser un bon brainstorming ?

illustration Comment organiser un bon brainstorming ?