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Cohesion & stimulation of a team, all you need to do!

As a manager or leader, staff motivation is a subject that concerns you closely.

These seven tips will help you to stimulate your employees and to strengthen cohesion within your team:


Set clear, known, accepted and indisputable rules.

As in any organization, your structure requires ground rules to function properly. These rules must be clear and known by all members of your team. In order for them to be respected, they must also be accepted and indisputable. Set your rules with the collective, the good of your group, and how to improve the productivity without altering the occupational well-being. This will create a sense of confidence and justice on your team.

Create a sense of belonging to the group

Make your employees understand that each one of them is a link in the same chain, which turns thanks to them, and that they are trained professionally and personally thanks to their contribution. The brainstorming is a great classic for motivating a team. Launch a reflection or an issue, and let everyone express themselves. The team buildingwhich has been very much in vogue in recent years, also makes it possible to strengthen group membership, through collective activities organized outside of work. And by the way, discover unexpected facets of your team members.

Article Cohésion & stimulation d'une équipe, tout ce qu'il faut faire !


Article Cohésion & stimulation d'une équipe, tout ce qu'il faut faire !

Delegate to involve

Like couples, businesses are exposed to monotony, to a routine that gradually takes hold between walls and in people's minds. To combat this lethargy, surprise the members of your team. Delegate certain tasks to them so that they feel like they are doing something. involved in the joint project. The trust placed in them will motivate them and they will do their utmost not to disappoint you.

Listen to what you have to say

An employee tends to become discouraged when faced with a closed door all the time, with the impression of "talking to a wall" or never being heard. Always be attentive of the members of your team. Show someempathyPut yourself in their shoes and advise them when they ask for your help. They will feel valued and motivated to get out of your office.

Value the differences

Diversity is an opportunity. Seize it and use it wisely. Don't make the mistake of being too specific in your choice of profiles by thinking weld your team togetherbut choose people with varied temperaments. Discreet and meticulous, creative, extroverted, leader, great speaker, rebel: everyone has their place. As a captain, you must take your ship forward, taking advantage of the specificities of the crew.


Get to know your team members

The team building, or team building, is a great way to reveal one's true personality. Keep the valuable information you have gathered, it will be very useful to differentiate your management strategy according to the members of your team. Some people are more productive under pressure, others lose it altogether. Some need clear guidelines to achieve a goal, others prefer to choose how to achieve a result themselves. Adapt to each temperament. The most important thing is that your troops feel useful and well employed.

Don't be stingy with positive feedback

Be firm and reframe your team members if necessary, but also know how to congratulate them. The positive feedback are essential to preserve the motivation and theself-respect.

Finally, keep in mind that your team is made up of people who, like you, are sometimes wrong. You will therefore need to welcome failure philosophically when it comes.

 Article Cohésion & stimulation d'une équipe, tout ce qu'il faut faire !