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Battle N°2 : your seminar, in Paris or in the provinces ?

To organize a professional meeting, the possibilities are numerous and the place is sometimes questionable. With its strong tourist and cultural potential, the capital is a guarantee of quality. But the French regions, with their rich heritage, beautiful nature and competitive rates, are competing brilliantly. Paris or the provinces? We list the advantages of each.


The price criterion

If the multiplicity of the offer makes of Paris a place impossible to circumvent to gather its employees, customers or partners, the capital can be perceived more expensive than the province. In fact, a careful comparison of the venues and services selected is essential. In the Paris area as well as in the regions, all price ranges exist and there are sometimes pleasant financial surprises in store.


Ease of access

What also makes Paris a convenient seminar destination is its accessibility. Close to two airports (Orly and Roissy Charles de Gaulle) and located at the crossroads of a dense rail and road network, the city makes it easy to gather participants. But if all roads seem to lead to Paris, the reality is nuanced. Today, with the increase in TGV train lines and the development of air services, Marseille, BordeauxLille or Biarritz can be reached quickly and easily.

Illustration article battle n°2

Illustration article battle n°2

A taste for authenticity

On this point, everything is a question of sensitivity. As a historic city, the capital offers an extraordinary setting where the architectural beauty of its buildings and its numerous monuments are seductive. In addition, France has some of the most beautiful regions in the world: Alsace, Brittany, the Basque Country, Auvergne... With their exceptional natural landscapes and unique local colour, their wealth guarantees beautiful professional escapades.

Diversity on the side

Meetings with endless days are no longer popular. In order to attract people, it is useful to offer extra professional activities. The Paris area and the regions compete with each other in terms of attractive and sometimes novel ideas. In the capital, it is possible to follow an artistic path (that the Royal Monceau In the regions, without forgetting the visit of the patrimony, the sports practice is easy: parachute jumping, climbing, orienteering race in quads... All that it is necessary to an outstanding incentive !

Illustration article battle n°2

Illustration article battle n°2

The advantages of proximity...

But to make a seminar an unforgettable moment, it is not necessary to go far away. For residents of Ile-de-France, it can be an opportunity to see the capital from another angle. For regional residents, an event close to home can motivate their desire to explore the charms of their territory.

... or a change of scenery

On the other handThe fact that the participants are far from home can allow them to take full advantage of this discovery break. Coming to the capital can be felt as a reward for those who are far from it, while the immersion in a regional atmosphere is for Parisians the revelation of a beautiful quality of life elsewhere than in Paris.