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For an audience involved at 100% during your meetings and conferences

Listeners passively waiting for the end, desperately surfing on their smartphones, chatting, or worse, escaping for unlimited and contagious breaks... The nightmare for meeting organizers, especially since the essential objective, to transmit and get people to adhere to the message, may not be fulfilled in the end!

Here are a few practical solutions that have proven themselves to make your assistance give its best.


1- Get the participants in condition

  • Disclose the program of the meeting (or conference) 

Having an idea of the content of the meeting is a good start. A few key words communicated several days in advance will bring out the first questions and ideas. It will be less formal than the traditional agenda and participants will be more receptive on the day.

  • Provide the list of participants in advance 

Knowing who is going to take part in the work stimulates the collaborator who will be able to exchange upstream with his colleagues and prepare a possible intervention during the meeting.

Illustration article world café

Illustration article world café

2- Stimulate envy

It is always possible to arouse interest along the way, but it is better to capture attention from the very first minutes by focusing on two strong points:

an appealing message: this is possible thanks to the basic recipes for any speaker : a well-placed voice, controlled gestures, a clear and structured speech, with anecdotes and humour!

an original "mise en scène": you don't necessarily have to do a Steve Jobs show, but... a neat and dynamic presentation with a touch of originality is a plus to boost the audience's attention.

All "creations" are permitted as long as they are consistent with your company's culture and the content of the message to be delivered. In fact, you don't "sell" the presentation of an annual strategic plan like the launch of a brand!

3- Encouraging connected participation

There is nothing like the playful aspect of new technologies to stimulate motivation and avoid at all costs the "drop-out" effect that can occur in the long run whatever the interest of the content. Here are a few effective connected remedies for boredom:

a live tweet: your audience comments and asks questions live via Twitter on the dedicated hashtag of your event

attractive "activities via applications such as Evenium's ConnexMe or Beekast: voting on key questions, real-time quizzes, message wall, collaborative word cloud, interactive synthesis of work... there are many possibilities, but remember to communicate the instructions for use of the chosen application beforehand.

In other words, the participants interact on their smartphone (or computer) screen, which has become a tool that promotes concentration instead of interfering with it...

Illustration article world café


Last suggestion: Surf on motivation after the event by offering participants the opportunity to evaluate it and suggest improvements. An ideal bridge to start getting them involved in the next session...