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The 7 keys to a dynamic meeting

Making your meeting effective is not an easy task.

Once the practical aspects have been taken care of (choice of room, agenda, participants...), everything remains to be done. Here are some professional tips to keep your participants' attention and make them want to come back for the next session.


1 - Get to the heart of the matter right away.

After an initial reminder of the objectives, it is preferable to start the meeting with the most sensitive or complex subjects. In addition to the fact that the attention is stronger at the beginning of the meeting, this approach encourages the involvement of the members.

2 - Move the staging

If meetings are held regularly, it is useful to modify the arrangements: disturb the agenda, use new media such as video-conferencing or call in a surprise speaker, etc. Breaking the routine triggers curiosity and boosts attention.

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3 – Créer une ambiance détendue Tout le monde n’a pas la même aisance pour s’exprimer devant un public. Il est donc important que le climat créé ne soit pas trop strict. Un mot de bienvenue humoristique, un zeste de décontraction dans la tenue sont des ingrédients propices à la mise en confiance sans pour autant nuire à la concentration. 4 – Prendre à cœur le rôle d’animateur Pilote de la réunion, l’animateur définit les règles pour entraîner le groupe vers les objectifs fixés. Soucieux d’un bon dosage entre directivité et participation, il doit veiller à donner la parole à tous avec dans sa boîte à outils : le jeu du questionnement, le tour de table, la relance du débat…. Il est là aussi pour calmer le jeu, temporiser les tensions, voire gérer des conflits

3 - Create a relaxed atmosphere

Not everyone is equally comfortable expressing themselves in front of an audience. It is therefore important that the climate created is not too strict. A humorous welcome and a touch of casualness in the dress are ingredients that help to build confidence without compromising concentration.

4 - Taking the role of facilitator to heart

As the meeting's leader, the facilitator defines the rules to lead the group towards the set objectives. He or she is careful to strike the right balance between leadership and participation, and must ensure that everyone has the opportunity to speak, using the following tools: the questioning game, the round table discussion, and the debate follow-up. .... He or she is also there to calm things down, ease tensions and even manage conflicts.

5 - Adopt the right postures

Body attitudes, especially of the facilitatorThe use of body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language, body language Standing up and walking around, looking at each member, modulating your voice by varying the rhythm of your phrasing, etc., the combination of different gestures helps to give the meeting a punch.


6 - Establishing a fruitful dialogue

A good meeting should be participatory. There are various techniques to promote balanced and fruitful exchanges. For example, the talking stick, which allows everyone to speak in turn. Another tool is the individual discussion booklet. Given at the beginning of the meeting, it gives the right to express oneself strictly per subject (1 to 5 minutes). These tools prevent one or two members from monopolising the floor.

7 - Boosting participants' creativity

The environment of a meeting must be flexible for ideas to flow. To stimulate the creative qualities of the participants, several devices have proven their worth: letting people stand up, write or draw; taking the group outside (an unexpected change that stimulates the mind); using games... Through these playful actions, some people turn out to be real forces of proposal.

Illustration Article Les 7 clés d’une réunion dynamique