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5 essential tools to organize your work at the office

We often forget the efficiency that a good working method offers. In the same way that you can't assemble a piece of furniture without the right tools, you can't carry out a professional project and deliver it on time without some methodological tools. Here is a selection of the most effective ones.

Visually represent your tasks

What could be more depressing than having the impression that a mass of work never decreases? To remedy this Sisyphus myth of the office, there is nothing better than to see your different tasks progress. For this, the diagram is an excellent solution. It allows you to prioritize your tasks and to see at a glance which ones are urgent, priority or not. The most popular ones are Freemind, Mindjet or Mindmapping.

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Managing a team in project mode

Trello, Basecamp or Asana are very complete tools to organize all the tasks to be accomplished within a project team and work in collaboration. Everyone can see the tasks that are assigned to him, all team members can exchange at any time on the platform without having to go through emails and you follow in real time the progress of the various tasks. Try it and you won't be able to do without it.

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Manage your calls via an artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also taking its first steps in the organization of work to save time for humans. This is what is proposed by Julia DeskJulia is a robot that can take your appointments, plan them, and even cancel them according to your schedule. After that, Julia might not bring you your coffee, so it's up to you to decide what you prefer...

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Exchange quickly with your employees

You work in a tower or in open space and are tired of having to travel all the time for the slightest question to be settled with a colleague? Opt for the chat! It is certainly less friendly and not necessarily adapted to all exchanges, but it is terribly effective for the small doubts of everyday life. Among the best known and most complete, Slack, Skype and Gmail chat are perfect for this purpose.

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Manage, sort and share your notes and ideas

If you don't want to look like a has been with your notebook, your loose sheets and other post-it notes that come off and fall into oblivion, the note-taking software Evernote is made for you. Its very simple interface allows you to get started almost immediately and offers you the same word processing features as Word. Saving is done automatically and you can then sort your notes into folders and even share them by email in a few clicks from an online platform.