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5 original meeting ideas

Are you tired of the endless meetings that last for hours and you come out of them feeling like you haven't made any progress? Here are five ideas that will help you organize meetings that are more effective and, above all, more stimulating.

The "quick brain" meeting

Also known as brainstorming, a quick brain meeting is a meeting to brainstorm your teams. Isabelle Izard, a specialist in creativity and innovation, offers a hundred creativity techniques and has even created a turnkey facilitation kit for companies. These techniques include "unusual connections", "the best by the worst", "copy/reinvent" or "What if..." such as "What if we imagined the hotel in 2050? It's up to you to see which solution best suits the minds of your employees.



The standing meeting

Probably the best way to capture the attention of your interlocutors, who will find it difficult to indulge in a micro-nap after the lunch break. This method is widely used in the retail and industrial sector and can suit any young and dynamic team. Rather suitable for short meetings, you can very well split a one-hour item into two half-hour appointments. This will kill two birds with one stone by moving teams that are usually sitting around all day.

Illustration article 5 idées de réunions originales

The world café

This Anglo-Saxon formula is intended to honour collective intelligence. Its principle is simple: divide your teams into small groups by making them reflect on the same subject in a limited time. An ideal method to encourage positive emulation between colleagues! After reflection, each team appoints a reporter who reports back on the ideas they have found. The pooling of knowledge and skills is often very fruitful.


The walk (or outdoor) meeting

This more relaxed format is reminiscent of some high school or college courses taught by teachers who are nicer than others for whom the classroom did not necessarily rhyme with concentration. Indeed, getting some fresh air, taking advantage of the sunlight and stretching your legs is good for your brain and morale! So don't hesitate any longer and enjoy your rooftop, your terrace or the nearest park.


Illustration article 5 idées de réunions originales

Illustration article 5 idées de réunions originales

The meeting to get to know each other

How many teams need to get to know each other a little better? If a drink or lunch is a great way to get to know each other, you can also arrange this at a dedicated presentation meeting. How do you do that? Each team member writes two or three original anecdotes from their life on a piece of paper. We all put them together in a hat and then each one draws one at random and tells it to the others who must then guess who it is. Surprise, good humour and cohesion guaranteed!

BONUS: the bingo meeting (or bullshit depending on)

We all have in mind an n+1 who always comes up with the same examples or anecdotes from her professional career, or that marketing director who forces a little too much on the Frenglish. To remedy this, the rules of the bingo meeting are simple. Numbers are replaced by words. Each player scratches a word on their card when it is spoken during the meeting. The first player to fill in his card must shout "bullshit" and wins the game.