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3 choices on the menu for your meeting: breakfast, lunch or cocktail?

Which type of meal for which meeting? From a project kick-off to a team building evening, via a client lunch, the choice of the type of meal has its importance and its codes. To help you choose the best formula, here are a few guidelines and original ideas for a successful and attractive business meeting.



Breakfast for the future

The world belongs to those who get up early for a reason. Getting up early in the corporate world often means that you have a position of great responsibility. Time becomes a rare and precious commodity. If you have to bring together executives whose agenda is always overbooked, we recommend that you opt for a delicious buffet breakfast. It stings a little, but everyone loves a good breakfast and it is also in the morning that attention is at its highest. The opportunity to discuss serious topics, present a new product or conduct a press conference before everyone starts their day.

Articles 3 choix au menu de votre réunion

Articles 3 choix au menu de votre réunion


The working lunch: on the go or around a good table

Ah the working lunch! It's an opportunity for some to heat up their expenses, but it's also and above all an opportunity to create a bond, to meet a (future) client in a more convivial setting and to cultivate a working relationship. However, be careful not to overdo it! Inviting a civil servant or an elected official to the Tour d'Argent could lead to confusion... Another option is to have lunch on the run or a meal tray for an agile and efficient meeting when the schedule is very busy, or during a workshop planned for a whole day. In this case, think of spoiling your employees who are forced to work on their break time!


Dinner or cocktail party for a team building evening

More rare, the dinner is more adapted to big events, over several days, such as conventions and seminars. In this case, do not hesitate to put the small dishes in the big ones. Large round tables well laid out, beautiful subdued lighting and impeccable service. What to make the guests forget that they are not at home and offer a pleasant moment around a good dinner, light and sophisticated. You can also opt for a cocktail party, ideal for closing a day or a weekend of team building. This stand-up format encourages discussion and can be followed by an evening of music to end on a festive note and strengthen your teams.

Articles 3 choix au menu de votre réunion