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Motivate your teams all year round with teambuilding

When to do a teambuilding? At the beginning of the year, at the beginning of September, at the end of the year? It all depends on the objective you wish to achieve and the needs of your company. In any case, if it is well organized it is always very useful and can be used in many situations.




At the beginning of the year


After the festive season, the teams finish a cycle and sometimes feel a little tired and demotivated. A feeling that is further reinforced by the winter and the cold, which does not help matters. This period is therefore frequently chosen by companies to organize a teambuilding in order to restart the year with a collective dynamic by setting new objectives.


To better understand a change


The launch of a new project, a change in management, a change in teams... the life of a company can evolve very quickly and lead to certain shocks. In such situations, it is essential to communicate and exchange with your teams to maintain trust. Teambuilding can then be used as a tool for cohesion and bringing employees together to help them better understand the change.


In case of difficulty


Crisis situation, bad internal communication, departure plan... many difficulties can be a source of tension, even dissension. The best thing is not to wait until it is too late. After all, leadership is about anticipating. If a certain number of weak signals appear, a teambuilding activity can provide a breath of fresh air to put out potential fires.


At the end of the year


Gala evening, cocktail receptionTeambuilding can also be used as a reward for your employees after a successful year, a contract won or simply for the pleasure of getting together in a different setting. Most often at the end of the year, these festive events can also take place when the weather is fine, or even in summer to take advantage ofoutdoor teambuilding.





According to the seasons...


All in all, organizing a teambuilding can be done at any time. And why not, according to the seasons to benefit from the advantages of each. At the seaside to prepare the tanning in anticipation of the big holidays, in the mountains, during the ski season, to refresh the ideas and to go down the slopes, or in spring or autumn to take advantage of beautiful natural landscapes and mild temperatures.